Getting a Premises Liability Lawyer in Lake City, Florida for Difficult Lawsuits

There are some personal injury lawsuits that a person files that are hard to prove in a court of law, and the person must have a very good lawyer. An example of such a lawsuit refers to premises liability, which is the idea that a property owner should have been reasonably aware of possible accidents that could or did occur on the property. A Premises Liability Lawyer in Lake City, Florida understands how difficult this can be to prove and helps clients with those kinds of cases. Here is vital information to understand about premises liability in Florida.

Understanding Premises Liability Law in Florida

There are many scenarios in which a person may file a premises liability lawsuit, including, but not limited to slips and falls in a store, injuries on amusement park rides, accidents at a public pool, or incidents occurring in a parking garage at night. How much the property owner will be liable for a person’s injuries in such accidents depends on the nature of the person on the property. For example, a trespasser obviously would not have the same rights as a person who was an invitee on the property.

More about Premises Liability Law in Florida

Many complications can ensue in a personal injury lawsuit involving premises liability, namely if the property owner was indeed negligent or at fault. For example, if a person’s parent is in the hospital and the person is injured in the hospital parking lot in the course of visiting the parent, how much, if any, is the hospital at fault? If a light is out in the parking garage of the same hospital and a person is injured, once again, how much is the hospital liable for?

A Lawyer in North Florida for Premises Liability Cases

Some questions concerning premises liability can only be answered by a legal professional who has experience with premises liability law. Duane E. Thomas, Attorney at Law is an attorney in the Lake City, Florida area who helps clients with premises liability issues. If a person is in need of a Premises Liability Lawyer in Lake City, Florida, the attorney is available. Get more information by visiting the website at

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