The 4 Leg Wire Rope Sling – Attributes and Purpose

Referred to as quad or 4 leg wire rope sling arrangements , these systems comprise four lengths of wire rope connected together at the top by means of a master link. The result is superb load balance and control. Other names for this arrangement include four leg bridle wire rope and four leg cable sling arrangements. You may see latched eye hooks with these arrangements. You can also have custom variations of each individual leg through the attachment of specified hardware as desired.

Attributes and Purpose
General lifting applications utilize 4 leg wire rope sling arrangements. By using an attachment connected to the load, the slings can lift significant weight efficiently. There are loops placed over lugs or hooks placed into lifting eyes in order to facilitate the listing process with these arrangements. They can handle balanced and unbalanced loads as well as heavy lifts that are distributed efficiently at four different points. These wire rope slings are manufactured from high quality steel and can resist corrosion, heat, and particular chemicals and other effects such as exposure to UV rays that are generally detrimental.

Whether used as chokers, and attachments, or books, a four-legged bridles load capacity can be altered based on the rigging angle. The rated capacity is reduced as the leg angles are reduced.

At times the loops may receive thimbles that link the oblong to the wire rope links. This provides a level of protection at the location of contact and can prolong the sling’s service life. The rope’s capacity can be enhanced through the use of a flemish eye splice in conjunction with a 4 leg wire rope sling arrangement and carbon steel sleeve.

Plain eyes, thimble eyes, open sockets, close sockets, shackles, or turnbuckles may be used in conjunction with multi-legged bridles two to four straight legs.

Varying Rated Capacities
The angle of the pool on the lift and its direction can determine the rated capacity of a wire rope sling arrangement consisting of four legs. As well, the type of wire rope can also influence the type of permissible or recommended application that may be used as well as the capacities.

For the help you need with your lifting and rigging applications, contact an experienced wire, rope, and sling provider today.

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