Getting To Know Judge Elihu Berle

Going into court prepared is more than just knowing your client and your case. Knowing basic and more advanced information about the judge can also assist in determining specific strategies, understanding the way the judge tends to rule on motions and in understanding how to plan for maximum impact during litigation.

In the past information about judges had to be collected online searches and from first-hand experience. Today, the use of judicial analytic services can assist in finding out all of this and more on any judge, including Judge Elihu Berle.

General Information

Judge Elihu Berle attended the Brooklyn College of the City University of NYC in 1965. He then completed an MBA from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania in 1966. He then went on to obtain his J.D from Columbia University in 1969. He was first appointed to the bench by Governor Pete Wilson in 1996.

Prior to being appointed as a judge, Berle worked in private practice and focussed on business litigation. In 1988 he was a co-founder of the law firm of Chrystie and Berle until his appointment. In addition, Judge Elihu Berle served as a referee at the State Bar Court from 1982 to 1985.

He currently holds the position of a judge in the Superior Court of Los Angeles and ran in the last election in November of 2016 as an unopposed candidate for the office. As per the rules in the state, if the incumbent judge is unopposed, his or her name does not appear on the ballot, and he or she is automatically re-elected.

Judge Berle has had several notable cases, with the most recent being against Starbucks and coffee retailers and roasters must include cancer warnings to the public on their products.

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