Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Craft Brewery Equipment For Startup

The explosion in the craft brewery business is a great way for many new brewers to get into the market. Starting up a brewery is not an easy task, and there are a significant number of hoops and regulations to work through before even determining the best location.

Additionally, there is the cost of equipment in starting up a brewery. The concern is always about scalability, as starting with smaller capacity systems can limit future production capability and also limit market options. On the other hand, starting off with large capacity production equipment is not cost effective and creates a significant dent in the budget that can limit advertising and marketing options.

Choosing Equipment

Ideally, look for craft brewery equipment that is from the same manufacturer, and that offers scalability in production. It will take a few years to build up a market, and talking to a brewery supplier can be a simple way to get insight into how scalable their systems are and what their maximum capacity tops out at for production.

Use the Same Manufacturer

While it may be possible to find different craft brewery equipment at lower prices from a variety of manufacturers, that cost saving may be quickly eroded by the cost of installation and integration of the various system components.

By using one manufacturer for the entire process from brewing through to filling, everything is designed to integrate fully, creating a seamless production line from start to finish.

Take the time to read reviews, talk to other small brewery owners and research the manufacturer of the craft brewery equipment. Companies that are based in the United States are always an important consideration as customer support, service calls and even technical support is easier to coordinate. Additionally, parts for equipment are readily available with quick order and delivery times, reducing the downtime created by parts that have to be shipped internationally.

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