Green Plumbing: How to Save Water From Those Minor Leaks

It is expected that that water crisis that affects one in three people worldwide will cause water shortage in 36 American states by 2013. It is a frightening prospect, and one that we think we can’t do anything about as individuals. But you can save gallons of water if you take care of plumbing problems that may appear minor, but which waste tons of water in the long run. Avoiding little oversights today can help you safeguard your future.


Don’t ignore that leaking faucet. It can waste up to 5 gallons of water a day. Your running toilet can waste up to twenty- seven hundred gallons of water in a year. Here are some tips to prevent water loss because of plumbing issues.


Fix those leaks, no matter how small!


Even the smallest leak can cause longterm damage to your walls and ceilings. If you think that you’re saving on the plumber’s fee by ignoring those tiny leaks then what you don’t realize is that the costs are going to add up in your water bill. Or worse, the damp that will be caused by the leak will magnify over time and cause massive damage to your walls. Then the money that you have saved will get multiplied many times over and get added to the cost of renovating your bathroom.


Detect the toilet leak


If is doubtful that you will realize when your toilet is leaking unless you check for it. You may not know there is a leak in your toilet, until it shows up in your water bill. There is a simple way to find out if your toilet is leaking. Add some food coloring to your water tank and wait for about half an hour. If there is a leak the color will show up in your toilet bowl by then. Call your emergency plumber as soon as you find out there is a leak.


Use the shutoff valve!


Shutoff valves are there for a purpose. If a pipe freezes in winter and bursts when the ice thaws, tons of water can flood into your basement. While you’re waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive and fix the broken pipeline, you can save a great amount of water by cutting off the water supply to the pipe. Shut off the valve that isolates the leaking fixture and stop the water leak from the open pipe. Or if you cannot find the valve dedicated to the broken pipe, shut off the main water supply for a while.


To help you with your green plumbing, Arlington VA has a number of professionals that you can contact to fix your plumbing issues. Don’t ignore leaks until it is too late.

Water Minor Leaks

Water Minor Leaks

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