Handle Your Home or Business Sewage Using a Septic Tank in Lewisville TX

For most home or business owners the common way to handle waste water is a connection to the municipal sewage system. Unfortunately, these systems don’t exist in many rural areas which means the property owner needs another method of handling sewage. In these instances the solution is a Septic Tank in Lewisville TX. The septic system is basically a miniature sewage treatment plant. The tank collects the waste as it leaves the building. As part of the process the solids settle in the bottom of the tank and the excess effluent is drained away through a series of field lines.

Septic tanks work by an anaerobic action that consumes large portions of the proteins in sewage. Any excess solid waste will settle back down and leave room for more sewage. Depending on the size of the septic system and the amount of sewage put into it this process could continue for two to three years before the tank will need cleaning. The process of cleaning a septic tank relies on a large vacuum system that draws the sludge out. The waste will be stored in a tank on a truck and hauled away for disposal.

Septic tanks are an excellent method for handling sewage from households and small to medium sized businesses. However, they will require some planning. For instance, the more volume they must process the larger the tank will need to be. Plus, if there will be large amounts of water running through the system the tank may need extra field lines. To ensure the waste water doesn’t flood the property the field lines will need to be properly placed so the water will drain without saturating the soil.

Using a septic system is an easy process and requires very little effort from the home or business owner. You can aid the anaerobic process by adding extra enzymes and avoid problems by limiting the amount of chemicals that are introduced into the system. To ensure the system drains properly and doesn’t overflow or backup you simply need to have the tank cleaned on a regular schedule, about every two to three years. If you use or need a Septic Tank in Lewisville TX then Click here for more information.

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