Looking for Companies that Specialize in Rigging in Texas?

Rigging is the process of moving heavy and fragile equipment with industrial strength ropes, chains and hydraulics. Companies that don’t have the equipment, training or expertise to move large equipment need the services of a mover. Equipment movers that have experience with Rigging in Texas can relocate a single piece of equipment or all the equipment for an entire location. Along with moving the equipment, some specialists can break down the equipment and put it back together at the new location. Moves can occur between locations in the same city, the same state, or between states.

Those searching for an expert in Rigging in Texas should consider DFW Movers and Erectors, Inc. Equipment that companies use in manufacturing plants and large warehouses are excellent candidates for these types of services. Manufacturing equipment is not only bulky and difficult to move, but it can easily incur damage during the moving process. In some instances, it’s better to store the equipment in a bulk container until it reaches its new destination. On other occasions, the best way to go is to use larger forklifts or heavy chains.

The way that someone hauls larger and sensitive equipment is just as important. Specialists will use “air ride” containers and trailers to move bulk equipment from one facility to another. An air ride trailer minimizes the amount of road shock and hazards that can happen during the moving process. It’s best to ask the contractor for recommendations since some equipment will not withstand “bumps in the road.” The contractor will disassemble more sensitive equipment into smaller components to minimize damage.

Some of the other services bulk equipment movers offer is temporary storage. This comes in handy if a company needs to vacate a facility or warehouse location, but does not have a new facility available. For example, a company is at the end of its lease on the original facility, but is still negotiating the lease terms on a new facility. The lease terminations on the existing facility will stipulate when the company must move its equipment out and schedule a final walk-through with the landlord. If the dates do not overlap, the company will need to store and protect its equipment in a safe location.

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