Harnessing The Technology Of Badger Water Meter Models

In any application where accuracy, reliability, and long-life cycles are required for water metering, Badger water meters are often recommended or found in use. With any Badger water meter, particularly the latest models, various water metering technologies are used to suit specific environments, requirements, and applications.

Turbine Meters

The use of the turbine style of Badger water meter is reserved for high capacity types of systems. This meter will operate with flow rates of up to 8,000 gallons per minute. It is used for clean water and is not designed for use in water with debris or particles.

The meter itself is relatively simple in design, which means long uptime and limited maintenance requirements. With these meters, the flow of the water spins the turbine and the meter “reads” the turbine movement and translates that into a measurement through the system.


This is a more sophisticated type of Badger water meter that uses a magnetic field created by two electrodes to measure the changes in voltage which reflect the change in flow. This is a very good option with a wide range for fluids, including moderately dirty water with debris or solid particles.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Mounted to the outside of the pipes, these meters do not have any moving parts, so they are highly durable. They can be used in any type of system and are often recommended when the water is very dirty and has a high particulate matter level.

The acoustic waves are “pinged” into the pipe, with the flow rate calculated at the time for the wave to reflect off the pipe or off of the particles suspended in the media.

The company also offers disc flow meters and impeller flow meters, both of which provide accuracy and dependability for flow measurement.

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