It Pays To Compare Options In Heat Treating Companies

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, working with a trusted partner for large volume orders for heat treatments including annealing, induction hardening, stress relieving, boronizing and all types of batch and belt heat treatments will be critical.

These companies will be responsible to not only provide the heat treatment required but to also ensure quality control and delivery of regular or infrequent orders to the agreed upon schedule. Taking the time to compare the different heat treating companies will provide a clear picture of the best solution and the best company.

Services Offered

While it may be the case the OEM only needs one specific type of heat treatment, it is much more likely other projects and requirements may need a range of options. Look carefully at the full list of heat treating services offered as well as value-added services offered by the company.

Ability to Complete Work to Schedule

In addition to the cost per unit, the reputation of the various heat treating companies for on-schedule delivery is critical for an OEM. Companies with a poor reputation for delays or late deliveries will end up costing the OEM money over the long run. A company will a top reputation for on-schedule delivery is worth a slight increase in the cost per unit when making a comparison.

Specialized Facilities

A very small number of heat treating companies in the United States have multiple facilities, each with specialized services at those locations. With this approach, companies have state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced teams in specific locations for selected heat treating services. Quality control, troubleshooting and fast processing can be optimized with this business model.


It is important for an OEM to consider the future needs for heat treating services. Always ensure the company selected has the capacity to scale up to meet maximum expected orders for future delivery.

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