Holding The Opposition Accountable After Automobile Accidents In Bethlehem, PA

It is a common probability that within Automobile Accidents in Bethlehem, PA that the injuries sustained could lead to significantly long recovery times. The nature of these injuries determines whether they are long-term or short-term injuries. Unfortunately for the victim, these injuries present longer waiting times before they can return to their jobs and their lives arrive at a standstill. To fight against these stalled ventures, you may hire an attorney who can hold the individual or party responsible for your injuries accountable.

Accountability for Your Injuries

The responsible party may refuse to pay as she or he was directed after the accident. When this occurs it is climacteric for you to act immediately by hiring an attorney. You should present the accident report and evidence of your injuries to your attorney to enable him or her to include this documentation into your claim for submission. The most effective way to hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries is present an iron clad claim to the court that includes facts that are indisputable.

Local Injury Attorneys

The Law Offices of Pfeiffer and Bruno provide you with a Personal Injury Attorney in Allentown, PA to fight for your rights as a victim. These injury attorneys determine the most effective course of action and utilize laws that are applicable to help you in seeking justice and monetary damages. These monetary damages can assist you through the hardships that your injuries have presented. In most injury cases, the costs that have accumulated throughout these occurrences along with auto repairs and lost wages are included in the proposed settlement. To discuss these options more fully call the Law Offices of Pfeiffer and Bruno or visit Pfeifferbrunolaw.com.


Injuries sustained in Automobile Accidents in Bethlehem, PA have varying classifications. These classifications effect the manner in which they are litigated. For instance, long-term or permanent injuries that could present the probability of disability may include the possibility of a disability benefits claim. However, this depends greatly on how the injuries were sustained and factors such as whether a criminal act produced the automobile accidents. To discuss more these concepts further, call the Law Offices of Pfeiffer and Bruno.


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