Permanent stone memorials have been used for centuries to create loving tributes to those we lose. Grave markers, footstones, headstones, and even statues are used to reflect love, loss, respect, and more. Today’s professionals, such as Van Vickle Monuments, carry on this tradition by helping customers through the process of creating personalized tributes to loved ones.

Determining the Type of Monument

Designing memorial monuments in Maryville begins with choosing a memorial style. Respectful staff members know that customers are often under a lot of stress, and they are careful to gently guide them as they choose memorials in the sizes, colors, and contours that fit their needs. In some cases, these decisions are determined by cemeteries, which may have restrictions. Some allow only footstones or markers and have specific guidelines about placement.

Deciding On a Material

Specialists help clients choose materials for grave markers and monuments. Options typically include marble, granite, or carved bronze. Materials are available in colors that include gray, pink, rose, mahogany, black, and more. Monuments in Maryville are custom carved on site by professionals who work with clients to create the exact colors and affects they want, and offer fast response times.

Choosing a Memorable Design

Professionals guide clients as they choose emblems and lettering for memorials, and help customers choose graceful fonts and carving that make the statements they want. In addition, staff ensure that clients approve of designs, and craftsmen are very careful that lettering, names, and dates are accurate. State-of-the-art technology allows them to precisely create almost any design.

Restoring Existing Memorials

Craftsmen can add lettering to or modify existing cemetery memorials. They also repaint and restore old monuments, and are careful to match fonts, colors, and sizes. Specialists work with wood, brick, stone, granite, and more. They will restore original information so that is easy to read or update names, dates, and other lettering.

The grave markers Maryville professionals who create cemetery memorials respectfully and carefully guide clients through the process of choosing monuments, markers, headstones, and footstones. Experts help clients choose materials, designs, emblems, and lettering that reflect their tastes and meet cemetery standards. Professionals also restore and update existing memorials.

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