Signs You Might Need Roof Repair in Charleston SC

There are 5 key signs that you, as a homeowner, can observe that will signal that your roof may need replacing in the near future. Roof repair and replacement are big jobs, but ones that only get bigger with deferred maintenance. Making regular inspections by walking around the outside of your home, and knowing what to look for, will help avoid unpleasant surprises and emergency calls to local roofers.

The first red flag is something you know already. How old is your roof? Depending on the composition of the roof and how the materials were applied, a typical shingled roof will last someplace between 20 and 25 years, if it maintained. If your roof is approaching this age, now is the time to start keeping a watchful eye on trouble spots before they become bigger headaches.

Second, consider the state of the shingles. are the shingles on your house buckling and curling up? Are they disintegrating into the gutter drainage system? You will see small, granular pieces of shingles when you clean the gutters out, if this is happening. Are they changing color? Are they breaking away from the rest of the roof? A “yes” answer to any of these questions indicate that your roof is beginning to reach its end of life.

Third, check the flashing around any chimneys. Metal flashing will last longer, so if your flashing consists of tar and roof cement, this area will be vulnerable to failure. Step number four consists of a little exercise. You need to get into your attic, if you have one, or access the insulation between the roof and your interior ceiling. Is the insulation damp? Does it shows sign of water damage, such as darkening? If it does, it means that at some point, it was wet and there was a roof leak, even if it’s dry now.

Fifth, if you have an attic, take a look upwards. Do you see daylight coming through any of the structure? If you do, then that’s a sign that you need to give your roof serious attention soon.

If you would like to have a comprehensive roof inspection to evaluate the state of your home’s roof, contact Pioneer Roofing, for Roof Repair in Charleston SC. They will provide an expert and ethical assessment of your roof and any steps you may need to take to protect the home beneath it.

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