How Much Is a Breast Lift Procedure Going to Cost?

How much is a breast lift procedure going to cost? This question is commonly asked by those who are planning to undergo the procedure for the first time. Breast augmentation is relatively simple as far as surgical procedures go, but it’s still surgery. As such, it’s deserving of due care and consideration of its various aspects.

One such aspect is the cost. Advances in medical technology have resulted in a decrease in the cost of surgical procedures across the board, but breast lifts can still be quite costly. Furthermore, these procedures aren’t likely to be covered by health insurance. You should expect to pay out of pocket for all the associated costs.

The Actual Cost of Surgery

How much is a breast lift going to cost? In a report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2016, the cost of breast lift surgery was pegged at $4,636 on average.

There is likely to be some variance in the cost, depending on where you choose to undergo the procedure. You could also expect more experienced surgeons to charge higher rates.

Other Costs

Keep in mind the figure above applies only to the surgery itself. There are other expenses you will have to factor in, including:

  • Tests

  • Anesthesia

  • Post-surgery medication

  • Post-surgery clothing and accessories

  • Doctor’s fees

You should also consider the possibility of being unable to return to work immediately after the procedure. As with any major surgery, you should make arrangements for care and assistance while you rest and recuperate.

As you can see, breast lifts can be quite costly. However, it’s important to get the best procedure you can afford. Rather than simply asking how much is a breast lift going to cost, you should instead find out what the safest and most reliable option is within your price range.

To find out how much a breast lift costs, visit the Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas website or call 469-606-4644.

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