How PRP Treatments Can Benefit Your Hair Restoration Procedure in Plano, TX

PRP stands for Platlet-Rich Plasma. This is a treatment that helps with many different cosmetic surgeries. It is especially useful for those who have received hair restoration procedures. Learn what PRP does, and how it can make you happier with your hair restoration results.

In general, PRP helps your cells continue to grow. At the heart of it, the platelets that are contained in the plasma provide support for growth. This leads to the creation of additional cells that build new tissue. This treatment also helps to heal the affected area a lot faster.

PRP is not a new technology. It has been used for years to help heal wounds. Therefore, you don’t have to feel like you are undergoing some sort of experimental treatment when getting PRP treatment in Dallas. This treatment is well tested and has proven results.

When it comes to male pattern baldness, PRP treatment in Dallas is especially effective. In this scenario, PRP is able to promote the growth of hair transplants. This is done through injections which are placed at certain locations on the head. Most patients see noticeable results in about six months time. However, the results do not always persist. In many cases, your doctor will need to redo the injections to assist with additional growth.

Following the injections, the patient needs to take special care. The patient will be unable to wash the injection sites for approximately two days. There will also be soreness that may require pain medication. After two weeks time, the patient can return to a normal hair care routine.

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