The Ideal Number of Bathrooms for Custom Homes of at Least 3,000 Sq. Ft.

When property owners plan to hire a builder of custom homes in Jacksonville, FL, they probably have a fairly good idea of the features they want in their new house. Men and women who want a house of at least 3,000 sq. ft. with several bedrooms must decide how many bathrooms are needed.

On average, most homes constructed today have two bathrooms for every three bedrooms. However, if the property owners can afford it, the ideal strategy is to have separate full bathrooms for each spouse. Three or more children will face some inconvenience if they all have to share one full bathroom. In addition, people who have frequent overnight guests might like to have space primarily used by those visitors.

At first glance, men and women might find the need for so many of these rooms excessive. That may especially be the case with both spouses having their own full bath.

However, the extra room can prevent bickering about space usage and timing. Each person has plenty of room for his or her stuff without having to feel crowded. With this floor plan for custom homes in Jacksonville, FL, there is no frustration about someone else leaving various products on the counter or the cap off of the toothpaste.

Some psychologists specializing in marriage and relationship enhancement encourage separate bathrooms as one key to a happier domestic partnership. If two full baths will not work in the floor plan, having another half bath primarily for the other spouse is a smart choice. A three-quarter bath, which has a shower and not a tub, is another possibility.

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