How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Phoenix AZ

Every home that is built today comes equipped with an air conditioning unit that can cool the dwelling. And depending on the region in which you live, this machine may be in use all year round. This constant strain placed on the air conditioning Phoenix az causes the unit to accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt. If this debris is not cleaned the unit will break down and that can cost several hundred dollars to repair. It is for this reason that it is so important for the homeowner to perform routing maintenance on the unit.

Gathering the Supplies

The first part of cleaning and maintaining the air conditioning phoenix az is to gather the things that you will need to do so. There are several items that need to be collected which are:

* Cleaner – You will need to get a cleansing agent that can cut through tough dirt as well as grease. This will be used to clean the evaporator.
* Soft Scrubber – You will need a scrub brush with a soft scrubbing part. Do not use steel wool or any other abrasive scrubber.
* Filter – You will need to get a filter that fits on the intake for the air conditioning phoenix az. This filter can be the standard type that they sell in the * stores. Or you can purchase a filter that takes more of the impurities out of the air.
* Water – You will need some water to rinse the cleanser. This can be a gallon jug of the substance or you can use a hose to rinse the parts.

Locating the Important Parts

You will need to locate the evaporator as well as the intake for the air conditioning phoenix az. The evaporator is inside the home behind the furnace cover. This will be a large metal covering that houses the parts of the device. Remove this metal cover to expose the parts within. The intake should be close to this part of the air conditioning unit and covered by a metal grate.

Cleaning the Machine

First you will need to turn the air conditioning unit off. Then you will spray the evaporator with the cleanser. Let the fluid sit on the part to cut through the debris. The amount of dirt and dust on the part will determine how long you leave the solution. After the cleaner has had time to work you can rinse the part. Next you will take out the old filter and put the new filter into the intake of the machine. And finally, you can turn the machine back on and allow the air conditioning Phoenix AZ to cool the home.

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