What to Do When Your MAC Malfunctions

When your Mac fails, it can be a very frustrating moment, and you may want to throw it against a wall or smash it in the street. Restrain yourself. MAC repair services in Los Angeles are available that can expedite repairs and get your computer working again in a timely manner.

When you experience errors when using your Apple product, take down detailed notes about exactly what occurred so that when you take the computer in for repairs, the Mac repair expert in Los Angeles will have a clear idea as to what the problem might be. Write down when the error occurred and the time, as well as any error message you may have received. Note exactly what you were doing and what happened as a result.

It is important to have a clear record of what has occurred. For instance, if your computer will not run a certain program (for instance, “IMicrowave”, a made up program), you might make a note like the following:

1:43 PM Clicked on IMicrowave icon. Computer froze for about three seconds. I heard the disk drive make some strange clicks. An exploding potato appeared briefly on the screen for half a second. Screen went blank, and then an error message appeared: “error -97666 mwPunctureWithFork”.

1:53 PM tried above again. Same thing happened.

From this, the MAC repair expert in Los Angeles may conclude that your computer is missing an essential registry file, or that files have been corrupted, and can help to fix the problem from there.

At this point, you may want to make a backup of your hard disk before you take your computer to a MAC repair service in Los Angeles. While this may not be necessary, you probably don’t want to take any chances, and of course will not have access to the data on your hard disk while your computer is being repaired.

When you find a service for MAC repair in Los Angeles, only take your computer in. They will not need your keyboard or your mouse (unless the problem you are experiencing is related to either component).

Take your computer to a reliable servicer who has been around for a while and has a reputation for quality service, who can repair MACs as well as PCs. Be sure to ask questions and find out how best to avoid similar errors in the future if possible.

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