How To Evaluate Used Mass Spectrometry Equipment

When setting up a lab or replacing equipment in an existing testing or laboratory facility, used equipment offers several advantages over purchasing new. Just as with new equipment, if you are considering used mass spectrometry systems it will be important to complete a full evaluation of the model, brand and the options before making a purchase.

Unlike some lab equipment, a mass spectrometer is a very major investment that will have an impact on the budget. Choosing to go with a used mass spectrometry machine makes a lot of financial sense, but it has to be up-to-date and able to integrate with your laboratory systems.

Use of Equipment

Buying new or used equipment needs to start with a good understanding of the types of analyses you need to perform as well as the numbers of samples you will typically need to process.

Different used mass spectrometry equipment can be more effective with different numbers of samples that need to be processed. It is very different if you need to process a few samples a day or hundreds or thousands.

Additionally, you will need to consider if you will be looking for specific types and levels of known compounds or if you will be working with unknown samples to determine chemicals present.

Size and Configuration

Not all mass spectrometers are going to have the same physical space requirements. Some are relatively very small and can easily be set up even in a small laboratory on a counter or workstation.

Others are much larger systems that may need significantly more physical space. These larger systems often offer the most options in features and functionality, but their size doesn’t always match the requirements of an existing lab or testing facility space.

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