Tips For Comparing Used Mass Spectrometry Equipment

One of the more costly pieces of equipment in any lab is the spectrometry equipment. When you need to add to your testing lines or if you need to replace equipment, buying a new mass spectrometer can be a significant investment that may not make financial sense of a lab or a testing or research facility.

A better option for many facilities is to turn to used equipment. When it comes to used mass spectrometry equipment, it will be crucial to understand the condition of the equipment as well as to compare it to other used equipment on the market.

Choose a Top Manufacturer

When comparing any type of used equipment, it is important to compare similar models, makes and manufacturer reputations. By considering only names that are known in the industry such as Thermo Scientific, you are already making a choice in quality.

It may be tempting to consider a lower-cost model, but by opting into the purchase of used mass spectrometry equipment, many labs can upgrade to top model and manufacturer for the same price.

The choice of a top manufacturer will also ensure compatibility with the spectrometer with your current lab or testing software. This is essential, particularly in high volume labs. Check to make sure the system can also be upgraded, which is one of the most important factors in the long-term use of the equipment.

Refurbished or Used

When comparing used mass spectrometry equipment, it is worth the time to clarify what is meant by used. Used typically means it is sold after testing and found to be in working condition. Refurbished means that the system as been fully checked and repaired, brought up to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. It has also been tested and checked and is working in like-new condition.

Both used and refurbished equipment are good options from the right supplier. Often warranty, customer service, and price will be the deciding factor when the mass spectrometers on offer are similar in model and features.

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