How to take care of your lawn

One would think that if there was anything in the world that was simple, with no complications, it would be Lawn Care In Virginia Beach. The truth is; there are many tips, tricks and rules, and they differ from location to location. Every lawn is unique, not only is the type of grass different from property to property, the root depth, the condition of the soil, the pests and much more come into the picture. It is even more complex when you consider the national scope where weather conditions factor into the equation. There are some common lawn care tips though that not every homeowner may be aware of.


* DO – Water very deeply

The key to successful lawn watering is not the quantity of water applications, but the quality. If you water your lawn multiple times a day for a short period of time, the water will not penetrate; it will simply evaporate without doing any good. Lawn care professionals in Virginia Beach recommend watering less frequently, but deep. By watering your grass for a longer period of time, the roots will grow deeper into the soil; this allows them to reach water even when the top layer is dry.

* DON’T – Water in the afternoon or evening

Watering your lawn is a top priority for healthy grass, but deep watering at the wrong time of day can be devastating. By watering in the afternoon, the heat of the full sun can easily burn the lawn. For some, the solution would be to water a night; this is also the wrong time to water as this is the time for fungus to grow. The proper time is the morning when it is cooler.

Lawn disease:

* DO – Look for pests

Rather than react to pest infestation, at least once a week look for signs of pest damage. The damage will be discolored grass near the root. If you spot an issue early enough you can take corrective action before the lawn is ruined.

* DON’T – Over react to a non-existent problem

Make sure you only treat the problems that you have. If there is no fungus in your lawn, then do not apply a fungicide, if you don’t have weeds, don’t apply an herbicide.

Maintaining general health:

* DO – Look for mushrooms

Mushrooms are not something to get rid of when they appear in your lawn, they are the mark of a perfectly healthy lawn. Mushrooms mean that your Lawn Care In Virginia Beach is good; mushrooms only grow where there are sufficient nutrients. As a caveat though, too many can mean that it is time to dethatch your lawn.

* DON’T – Assume that a yellow lawn is in need of water

Discoloration, either yellow or brown is a sign that the lawn is lacking nutrients, not water. When the lawn begins to turn yellow, this may mean an iron deficiency. When the iron level of the grass is not sufficient, the grass cannot properly photosynthesize the UV rays. The chlorophyll breaks down and the grass turns from a rich green to yellow.

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