HVAC in Mount Vernon WA: Maintaining Your Heating Equipment

One of the most crucial things that you can do in order to ensure your heating and cooling systems are performing at optimal levels is by ensuring that they are maintained on a regular basis. Some of the HVAC in Mount Vernon WA maintenance practices can be performed by anyone.

One of the heating supplies that you can maintain on your own includes replacing furnace filters. These filters are available in most HVAC parts supply stores as well as departmental stores. The low range filters cost only a couple of dollars while the better quality ones only a few tens of dollars. The HEPA better-range filter is the best since it is able to remove more pet dander, cigarette smoke and particles from air than the regular range.

HVAC equipment that you should use to maintain the system in your home and or office includes the shop vac. The regular range of vacuum will work great as long as it has a hose that will be used to vacuum debris from the motor, flue and blower wheel. Since all the air in the house has to flow through the blower, it is imperative to vacuum it regularly to ensure it is in good working condition throughout.

While the practices mentioned above are relatively easy and essential, there are certain tasks that should only be carried out by professionals at LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating – Plumbers. These procedures include testing the unit and ensure that it is working at optimal levels to prevent gas leaks, fires and other hazards.

The professional HVAC technicians at LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating – Plumbers are also able to test for carbon monoxide emissions through a professional grade carbon monoxide sniffer. The regular detectors are not likely to detect the low levels until the emissions have reached dangerous levels.

Some air conditioning supplies have acidic ingredients like sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, which are only available to legally certified professionals or technicians with the licenses to use them. Another reason you should let the professionals carry out the maintenance includes the fact that the R22 refrigerant is a chemical that is detrimental to the ozone layer. As such, only legally certified individuals are allowed to open, clean and or maintain the air conditioner.

Although there are basic maintenance tasks you can carry out on your own, it is vital that for the safety of your home, family and yourself, to keep habitual appointments with your HVAC in Mount Vernon WA professional.

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