Why Homeowners Use Decorative River Rock in Austin, TX Landscaping

Elegant Austin, Texas homes often include breathtaking landscaping. Carefully tended trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns add beauty and interest to properties. In many cases, homeowners also include decorative river rock in Austin, TX landscaping. They order the naturally colorful and polished stones from suppliers like Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC and then adapt them to features like dry creek beds. Many also create eye-catching paths from river rock.

What Is River Rock?

When clients order decorative river rock in Austin, TX, they get hundreds of small, colorful stones with smooth edges. As their name suggests, the rocks have been polished by water. While most do come from rivers, there are also rocks taken from the ocean. They bear little resemblance to the typical stones found on the ground. River rock is known for its gently rounded shapes and a satiny finish. Each rock has its unique look and when grouped together, stones have a dazzling effect.

Rocks Can Form a Dry Creek Bed

Because river rock is so attractive, homeowners often use it to create decorative elements in their yards. Dry creek beds are some of the most popular. They consist of river rock that has been carefully arranged in a meandering pattern across the property to mimic the look of a creek without water. One of the benefits of the feature is that it can include options like trees and large rocks. Some homeowners even install water features that give the appearance of an actual flowing creek.

A River Rock Path Adds Interest

Some homeowners alter the dry creek bed look and create a walking path made of river rock. Borders are usually added to prevent stones from falling into grass, shrubs, or flowers. Landscapers recommend using the smallest size rocks since they make the most comfortable walking surface. Some homeowners also install large, flat stepping stones to create a smooth walking area and still maintain the beauty and color of a river rock path.

Homeowners often order colorful river rock when they want to add interesting landscaping features. The smooth, polished stones are ideal for creating winding dry creek beds. Many homeowners also make colorful walking paths from river rock. Visit the website for more information.

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