Importance of Consulting a Probate Attorney After a Loved One has Passed

When a person passes away, their property is placed into probate until it is distributed to the recipients. The process of probate is to determine if a will that the individual has left behind is legitimate. If the document is legal, the property is distributed to the beneficiaries to finalize the individual’s last wishes. However, if the person passes away without a will or the document is contested. It is the responsibility of the probate court to determine the legal actions that should be taken. The entire process is complex and can be confusing for anyone that is grieving. That is why it is important after a family member has passed away, you should consult with a probate attorney in Moline, IL.

How a Lawyer Can Assist You

A probate attorney in Moline, IL is familiar with the process that follows the death of a loved one. They can provide the valuable legal advice you require during a sensitive time. Plus, a lawyer can assist you in proving the will is legal and why the final wishes of the deceased one should be granted. Another service that an attorney can provide during probate is gathering the loved one’s assets and liquidating any liabilities. They can ensure all the obligatory taxes are paid out and the property is allocated to the successors. A probate lawyer is especially valuable if anyone should contest the will and assist in minimizing any disagreements there may be between family members.

Make Distributing the Property an Easy Transition

David J. Franks Attorney at Law is ready to assist you during a sensitive time. They understand how difficult it is on the family after losing a loved one. That is why they provide the legal assistance you require when a deceased family member’s property has gone to probate and want to ensure their final wishes are followed.

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