Importance of Real-Time Data in a Biddable Media Agency

What could you do with the information if you knew where target clients were and what time they were looking for your products and services? There is nothing more powerful in business that having accurate data. Data allows you to analyze the past and predict the future. Good data can help you make informed decisions and measure the results of your actions. In marketing, data-driven digital campaigns are changing the way the game is played and yielding amazing results. For a biddable media agency, the collection, analysis, and use of data is the secret to success.

The Journey to Real-Time Data

Before the internet and all its latest developments, advertising looked a lot different. Businesses relied on real-life advertisements such as television commercials, physical posters, and other promotional materials. There was little interaction with those viewing the ads, and often there were very few opportunities to receive feedback. This made it hard to track which efforts were more successful than others making it hard to decide how to apportion the advertising budget.

With the rise and expansion of the internet, everything has changed. Companies and clients can interact in the same space at the same time. Different websites and search engines track website visitors, traffic, and clicks in different ways, which creates a database of useful information. With biddable media, these impressions can be used in the bidding process.

YouConnex offers various related services to help businesses make the most of the digital marketing space. By looking at real-time data about how people are interacting with your current advertisements, you can tweak your campaigns to help you generate results that are closer to your targets and objectives. This can save you a lot of money because, unlike in times past, you have a way to see what efforts produce better results. Digital attribution modeling agencies specialize in helping business analyze their marketing data.

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