Important Points You Need to Consider When Demolishing Concrete

In order to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, it may be necessary to remove an old patio or driveway from time to time. Before you begin your concrete demolition in Phoenix, AZ, though, it’s important to consider a few essential aspects of the project. Overlooking these points now could result in extra work, potential injury or damage to your property once the project begins.

Where Will It Go?

Since you can’t put concrete out with your normal trash, it’s important to consider ahead of time what you will do with the old concrete. In some cases, your truck will be sufficient to haul the concrete to a local disposal facility. For larger projects, however, you’ll want a dedicated trash container that the disposal facility can haul away. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the significant weight of concrete to ensure you don’t damage any tools or equipment.

What Tools Will I Use?

While the thought of busting up an old driveway with a sledgehammer may not be your first choice of activities for a weekend, this old-fashioned method can be quite effective and cost-efficient. Assuming the slab you’re breaking up isn’t too thick, you can do some serious damage to the slab using a simple sledgehammer. For larger jobs, either an electric or a pneumatic jackhammer is the way to go. The main thing is to determine the scope of your job prior to choosing your equipment.

Who Can Help?

Unless your concrete demolition in Phoenix, AZ, job is quite small, it’s a good idea to recruit some friends to help you with your project. If you can get at least two people to break up the concrete and two to four people hauling the broken concrete, the job will go much faster and much more smoothly. It may take some serious bribes, but the amount of time you save will be completely worth it. Plus, you’ll very likely end up ahead in the budget versus what you would have paid a professional to do the job.

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