Are Dental Examinations Really That Important? The Answer is Yes!

You’re not having any problems with your teeth, so it’s okay to skip this year’s dental examination, right? Wrong! Even if you think everything is fine, annual dental exams in West Loop are essential in terms of isolating and resolving issues before they can cause more damage. Here are some of the ways that an annual exam will help to keep your teeth healthy.

Making Sure There’s No Sign of Tooth Decay

One of the primary focuses of a dental exam is looking for any signs of tooth decay. A dentist can spot decay long before it’s noticeable to a patient. Getting rid of the decay and installing fillings helps to prevent the problem from getting any worse. That helps you keep your real teeth for more years.

Taking a Look at the Gums

Many people are surprised to learn that the gums can be inflamed or infected even if there’s no type of pain present. During most dental exams in West Loop, the dentist will examine the gums closely for any signs of an issue. When a problem is spotted, a quick treatment resolves the issue and keeps the gums in top condition.

Screening for Oral Cancer

Part of most annual dental exams in West Loop has to do with detecting signs of oral cancer. This is important at any age but is especially helpful if you have a history of cancer in your family, or if you’ve had some other type of cancer in years past. Early detection increases the odds of successful treatment and a full recovery.

When was the last time you had a full dental examination? If you can’t remember, that’s reason enough to call the team at Pure Dental Spa today. We’ll soon be able to tell you all about your teeth and what type of care and maintenance they need.

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