Is Faux Finish Right for You, Let a San Antonio Professional Do It for You

If your walls seem dull or boring, you aren’t alone. Many San Antonio residents wish that they could do something more than just paint or use wallpaper. Now, you’ll find a variety of other options that can add rich texture to the walls, called faux finish or painting. This method uses special tools and techniques to apply the paint in a way that will stimulate other surfaces. For example, you can use many colors of paint to create the appearance of marble finishes or a brick one.

Aesthetic Edge

Whether you want to create depth on the walls or add texture, faux finish is perfect for you. As long as the surface is flat, and most walls are, it will allow you to do almost anything. You can give the illusion of larger spaces and more comfort without having to make drastic changes to the home.


San Antonio residents want versatility and lots of options when it comes to remodeling. While you can knock out the wall and add a brick one, most people don’t want to do that much work. It costs more and takes more time to complete the project. Instead, you can use a variety of paint colors and techniques to create that brick appearance. Plus, it can be done on a variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass, wood, plaster, and even fabric!

Hide Blemishes

One of the biggest problems homeowners face is that black marks that are caused by furniture and children who draw on the walls. With this technique, you can hide all those blemishes and still have excellent-looking walls.

A faux finish is an excellent option for those who want something different without having to add high-end products like marble. Visit Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio at for more information.

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