Tips On Garage Door Installation in Huntington WV

A crucial part of owning a home is the ability to have a garage in which to park the vehicles and perhaps store things. Of course, to do this, one needs to perform some sort of Garage Door Installation in Huntington WV. This is usually a fairly easy task to perform but there are many professionals who will install the garage door for the homeowner. In case one wants to do it themselves, though, here is a step by step instructional.

Step 1

The first thing to do is attach weather stripping to the bottom of the garage door panel. This will ensure that the elements will be kept on the outside, where they belong. Make sure to secure the weather stripping to the door by using cable brackets.

Step 2

Mount hinges to the bottom panel by using an impact driver. After this is completed, stand the bottom panel on the floor of the garage

Step 3

Insert the rollers into the brackets that were previously inserted. Place the door track next to the door and insert the rollers into the track. After this is completed, screw the track into the frame of the doorway.

Step 5

Place the second panel on top of the first panel in the doorway. Screw in the hinge screws to attach the second panel to the first panel. Next, place both hinge and roller into the track.

Step 6

Repeat step 6 with the third door panel to affix and install it. The job of Garage Door Installation in Huntington WV is almost finished.

Step 7

Connect the vertical sections of the track to the horizontal sections by using the curved corner tracks.

Step 8

Hook the garage door bracket to the garage door spring

Step 9

Next, the steel cable should be fed over the pulleys and secured at the end of the bracket. Attach the S-hook to the bracket and clip the hook onto the track. Open the door to test the tension of the cables.

After all of this, the garage door is installed. Of course, if one wants professionals to do the job for them, a company such as Garage Door Operators Inc. can easily perform this task and have it done quickly and correctly. Follow us on Twitter.

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