Joe Reynolds Enters The South Carolina Senate Race

The race for the Senate in South Carolina has become a little more open with the popularity of incumbent Senator Lindsay Graham and an expanding field of both Republicans and Democrats. The Fox News Channel host, Eric Boiling has declared his intention to run for a seat in an unnamed Southern State that could be South Carolina. A more local choice would be the Marine Merchant Navy Chief Engineer Joe Reynolds who believes he has the skills and popularity to overcome Graham and become the Senate member for the Palmetto State.

The South Carolina Senate Race Is Wide Open

In most years, the South Carolina Senate race is only contested in the Republican primary because the majority of contenders for the role are from the Republican Party that usually wins the seat. In 2020, the seat could be a little more open with leading candidates sure of winning when facing a Democrat challenger. As the popularity of Lindsay Graham continues to slide, the field is opening up with Joe Reynolds moving forward in the polls with ever-increasing results.

The issues matter in the South Carolina Senate Race

One area where Joe Reynolds has been seeing his popularity rise has been in the fact the Chief Engineer has been looking to change the way the Republican Party acts in Washington. Unlike many of his rivals, Reynolds has already stated he will refuse all money from corporate PACs and will not look to take up any lobbying roles while in the office to make sure he is working in the best interests of the people of the Palmetto State.

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