Near Death Experiences and Religion

People who have had near-death experiences believe that they have had a glimpse of heaven. Even though each near-death experience has its own uniqueness, there is a recurring message in most of them. By acknowledging their experiences, people can become much happier and the world would become a better place.

The most interesting thing is that these messages come under the domain of religions which, as we know it, claim to have the answers to all the spiritual questions that relate to the purpose of life. By maintaining that position over a long period of time, religions have had a monopoly on answers that relate to spiritual questions, near death experiences included.

Comparing near death experiences and religion

For this question, comparing religion and near-death experiences is an interesting thing. Even for the five major religions, not all of the essences of near-death experiences can be found in each of them. In this respect, near-death experiences seem to be a little encompassing and more universal than any of the religions individually.

During a near-death experience, there are wonderful messages that are relayed. For many, one of the most compelling messages is that there is a continuation of life after death. And that is precisely what near-death experiences tell us; that we are eternal and that Heaven is our birthright. However, the most important message that comes out of near-death experience is that of love.

From a near-death experience point of view, there is a suggestion of love beyond our wildest dreams, a love that comes from the spirit world. When people who have had near-death experiences meet The Light, they feel overwhelmed by the condition of its limitless and unconditional love. It is important to note those who have had near-death experiences often use the word unconditional.

Besides love, another important religious message that we learn from near-death experience is that we are all important. This is because we all carry a light inside us, and that we have an important task to fill on Earth. But what are parallels between near-death experiences and religion?

Well, all religions stress the importance of love. God loves all humans, but it is also stressed that we should love one another as well. In Christianity, Jesus tells us to love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. In Islam, we are told that Allah is compassionate and merciful, and his followers are encouraged to imitate this.

Near death experiences have been documented since time immemorial. For more information about near death experiences and religion.

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