Kitchen Remodeling Includes Plumbing Upgrades

When you plan a kitchen remodel, you may think of upgrading the cabinets and appliances. You may also think about adding an island. However, any of these changes also lead to the need for modifications in your plumbing system. Therefore, any time you renovate a kitchen, you must factor in the needed plumbing modifications for the design.

Adding a New Faucet

Not only must you match your faucet, for example, to your kitchen’s design, you must also think about its features. Many faucets today are energy-efficient and can reduce heating costs and water usage.

Rerouting the Plumbing

If you are going to maintain your old kitchen’s layout in your kitchen remodeling project, this will reduce the amount of plumbing work that is needed. However, you will probably still need to do some re-routing of pipes.

For example, you will need to connect hot and cold water supplies to your faucet and plumb in the dishwasher. Typically, to keep work to a minimum, it is best to keep the dishwasher close to the sink. In addition, because they run in gradient, waste pipes can be hard to extend. Therefore, any alteration for a kitchen remodeling project needs to be carefully planned.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also featured in the dishwashers used today. Therefore adding a new faucet and dishwasher can boost your energy savings a good deal. You may also have to reroute the plumbing along with the gas pipes. Installing a sink requires the services of a plumber as well.

When planning a kitchen remodel, you need to include the plumbing changes along with any upgrades. While it is fun to pick out new cabinetry and countertops or rearrange a kitchen’s furnishings, you also have to factor in what plumbing services will be required as a result.

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