Machine Guarding: Knowing The Basic Types

Industries in Cleveland are committed to ensuring the safety of their workers. Nevertheless, annually, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) receive complaints about the failure of companies to comply with regulations. One common issue is a failure to provide proper machine guarding. This often results from a lack of comprehension about the basic types of machine guards and their applications.

Ensuring Safety

Guards come in four basic types. These are:

1. Fixed: This type is by far the most common. Companies easily attach this device permanently to a machine. Straightforward removal is not possible, ensuring effectiveness. Such guards often act as a protective device for power presses or cover power transmission.
2. Interlocked: These allow opening and closing for access to hazardous areas. However, an integral mechanism ensures opening the guard will cut the power, turning off such dangerous machinery as a roll make-up machine.
3. Adjustable: These machine guarding devices are adjustable. They do not interfere with the operation of the machine but protect a specific equipment component while allowing adjustment for the size and shape of the materials.
4. Self-Adjusting: Usually present on saws, they act as a barrier. It moves – “adjusts,” upon the feeding of material. The space is small – only big enough to allow passage of the specific material.

Companies in Cleveland need to ensure the proper guard is in place. They also must confirm all employees understand the different guarding mechanisms and the need for safe operating of all machinery.

Machine Guarding: For Safety Sake

Guards are more than physical barriers that prevent machine-person contact. They help protect workers from harm. Machine guarding is not a means of merely following the rules and regulations. It provides employees in Cleveland, Miami, San Bernardino, Anchorage and Honolulu with a sense of security and peace of mind. They know with such devices in place, the best chance possible of going home to see their families after every single workday.

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