Learn More About Important Septic System Maintenance Services in Conroe TX

The septic system of a home is one that is rarely thought about since it is buried deep in the ground and mostly goes unnoticed. Maintenance of a system is crucial for prolonging its life and preventing the need for expensive tank replacement. It is crucial homeowners are proactive in caring for their tank and hire the professionals for Septic System Maintenance Services in Conroe TX.

While inspections and maintenance are important, it behooves a homeowner to be careful what they send into their tank. Grease and food particles should never be sent down the drain of a home with a septic tank. These solid waste products can impede the way the tank operates and can lead to a layer of scum developing. It is also crucial homeowners avoid flushing cigarettes, tampons, pads, plastic, paper towels or any other items that are not meant to be flushed. These can clog the sewer lines and cause a backflow of raw sewage into the home and into the water supply.

Ideally, homeowners should seek inspection and maintenance services annually. A full inspection checks the connections for all of the toilets, tubs, and sinks in the home to make sure they are properly connected. This ensures all of the household plumbing devices are draining into the septic tank properly.

The inspector will determine the level of sludge and scum that have developed in the tank. The sludge layer is comprised of all of the solid waste that has sunk to the bottom of the tank. The sludge layer lies at the top of the tank and consists of grease and lighter solids that have floated to the top. Using special tools, the inspector can determine whether or not it is time to pump the tank and clean it. Most homes will need to have their tanks pumped every three to five years, depending on the size of the tank and the number of occupants in the home.

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