Talk to Dentists in Oahu About These Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Everyone will experience toothaches at some point in their lives. Although tooth pain can usually be blamed on cavities, there are actually several other conditions that can cause toothaches. Here are two oral health issues that can cause tooth pain, and people should contact Dentists Oahu offices about possible treatment options for them.

Tooth Sensitivity

This is a condition that causes tooth pain every time the affected individual consumes food or drinks that are too hot, cold, or acidic. This occurs because of exposure of the tooth’s nerves to the environment in the mouth. There are several things that can cause this to happen including:

* Gum recession exposing the tooth’s roots

* Thinning of the tooth’s enamel caused by brushing too hard or acid erosion

* Damage caused by overuse of tooth whitening products

* Gum disease

* Cracks in the teeth caused by trauma or disease

Usually the ache will pass once the temperature in the mouth returns to normal, but sometimes it may persist. Depending on the severity of the issue, the problem can be treated with something as simple as using a special toothpaste or as complex as a root canal procedure to remove the nerves.

Temporomandibular Disorders

Another possible cause of tooth pain is a temporomandibular disorder. The temporomandibular joint is responsible for jaw movements such as opening and closing the mouth. Like any other joint in the body, it can be damaged by trauma or disease. For instance, it’s not unusual for people to get arthritis in this joint. The damage can also be caused by tooth grinding.

The pain stemming from issues associated with the temporomandibular joint may actually be distributed through the jaw, giving the impression that the ache is coming from the teeth. Typically, this issue is treated using medication, but surgery may be called for in more serious cases.

As noted previously, the most common cause of toothaches is cavities. However, it’s a good idea not to automatically assume that’s why teeth hurt. It is better for people to make appointments with Dentists Oahu offices to have the affected teeth inspected by dental professionals to get an official diagnosis of the problem. For more information about possible treatment options or to make an appointment, visit

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