Learn More About Laser Hair Removal in Chevy Chase MD

Removing unwanted body hair is one of the most annoying beauty chores a woman must go through. It seems no hair removal option offers any long-term removal so women are constantly cycling back and forth in the removal process. Over the years, developments in laser technology have allowed scientists to develop a way to remove unwanted hair without plucking, shaving, or waxing. Through Laser Hair Removal in Chevy Chase MD, women can be free of their hair for weeks and even months with new growth coming in finer and finer with each treatment.

Laser hair removal sends laser energy deep into the hair follicle. For a follicle to be treated, it needs to be in its active growth phase. Hair follicles go through three phases which include growth, rest, and shedding. This is why most people will need a few different treatments before all of their hair follicles have been successfully treated.

To remove the hair, the laser sends in energy that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. For the best results, a person needs to have light skin and dark hair. The laser treatment rarely causes any major discomfort though some women report feeling a mild stinging sensation during their treatment. To combat any feelings of discomfort, it can help for a person to take an over-the-counter pain medication about an hour before their laser treatment.

To prepare for Laser Hair Removal in Chevy Chase MD, it is important a woman does not shave, pluck, or wax for at least a couple of weeks before her treatment. The hair needs to be kept long enough so the melanin levels will be detectable. Plucked or waxed hairs are ripped from the follicle so it will not respond to the laser until it enters its active growth phase again.

If you are tired of constantly needing to remove your unwanted body hair and being faced with embarrassing stubble, there is a solution. Laser hair removal treatments can give you the smooth, hair-free body you long for. For more information on this procedure, visit tamjidiskininstitute.com. Call them right away to schedule your appointment so you can get started.

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