Mammograms: What you Need to Know

In 2018 it was projected that 40,000 women would die of breast cancer and it is certain that some of those deaths could have been prevented with the proper screening processes. This is where mammogram screening comes into play; they allow for the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, potentially saving lives in Memphis TN and beyond.

What is a Mammogram Screening?

Mammography uses specialized imaging similar to a typical x-ray, but it utilizes a lower dose of radiation. When used, it will show the interior of the breast and display any abnormalities including cancerous growth. According to the American Cancer Society, women should have their baseline mammogram at the age of thirty-five, and at the age of forty, they should consider starting annual screenings.

More About Mammogram Screenings

During a mammogram screening you will start by undressing from the waist up, and then each breast will be laid on a metal plate. The top compression plate will be lowered, and compression will last for ten seconds. During those ten seconds the machine will take lateral scans of the breasts, and while it normally takes well the first time, there are instances where it will need to be redone for better accuracy. Your technician will make this decision.

Getting Your Results

Once the test is completed the results will be examined by a radiologist who will usually write up a letter for your physician. You will also receive results in the mail, ensuring that you have a copy of your records. It is important to remember that abnormalities do not necessarily indicate breast cancer. Sometimes they are just anomalies and can be dismissed.

Even if your results are clear, mammogram screening can potentially save your life and is not something that you want to pass up. Schedule yours today and get the results.

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