Beautify Gardens and Walkways with Iron Rose Arbors in Warminster, PA

Many people confuse trellises, pergolas, and arbors. While they are all used to guide and maintain plants, they each possess different roles. For example, a pergola usually supports the grid on a roof so vines can be grown to provide shade. Normally, the structure stands alone or attaches to a home to provide protection for a patio.

Freestanding Entrances

On the other hand, a trellis represents a flat grid, usually located beside a fence or wall to support the growth of trailing plants. Plant and rose arbors in Warminster, PA consist of freestanding structures used to create an entrance to a walkway, garden, or pond. Therefore, these freestanding portals can be quite charming in appearance.

Enhance the Looks of Your Property

When you add plant or rose arbors to your landscape, you create a type of doorway to a specific area – one that helps you emphasize the loveliness of a body of water, a green area, or a garden. Install an arbor that matches the architectural style of your home or one that can be installed with an iron fence.

Arbor Styles

Most plant or rose arbors are made with steel, wood, or iron. An iron arbor is an ideal choice as it presents an ornate image and stands up well to the elements. Common arbor styles include arched designs (the most common) as well as moon gate and gabled looks. The best plants to use for an arbor with an arched design include twining or trailing plants. Adding climbing roses will enable you to enjoy a fragrant portal – one that will be admired by friends and guests alike.

Learn More Today Online

If you would like to know more about adding an arbor to your home’s landscape, visit our official website. Find out, like many homeowners, how an arbor can improve the looks of your property and add to its charm and value.

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