Tips On Buying Dental Offices For Sale in Arizona

When someone is in the market for buying dental offices for sale in Arizona, they should already realize this is a huge undertaking. There are many things to consider before making the decision. The correct decision can lead to financial freedom while the wrong decision can lead to monetary ruin. Here are some things to consider before signing anything on the dotted line.

Instant Cash Flow

Unlike a start-up practice, where the business must be built from the ground-up and customers must be groomed from scratch, a pre-existing clinic allows the buyer to hit the ground running. The cash flow is instant because the clinic is already in business and has an established clientele from which to draw. This means that loan payments can be made right off the bat as well as salaries, expenses, and other payments needing to be made.

Build A Network Of Advisers

The people the buyer of dental offices for sale in Arizona is surrounded with should be very trustworthy. Some of the people should include a CPA who has experience working directly with dental clinics, an adviser who has experience in transitioning clinics and staff between owners, and an attorney who has experience working with dentists and dental hygienists. This will ensure nobody is going into the transaction with a blind eye. It also means the buyer can trust their advisers are giving expert advice not just educated guesses.

Length Of Loan

The length of the loan should be as long as possible to reduce any negative impacts on the cash flow during the first few years. Keep in mind there will always be patients who find another clinic when they here of a change of ownership so this must be factored in when figuring out annual income for the clinic. Make sure there are no early-payment penalties, and the buyer can always pay the loan off early if they so desire,

For more information about buying dental clinics or to just see what is currently on the market, contact an experienced broker such as Someone from the staff will be in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions.

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