Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH Save Companies Money

Employers have to consider a clinic for their employees’ on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Urgent care clinics practice occupational medicine in Cincinnati OH. The best reason to use them is since they are urgent care they will see you much sooner than an emergency room or regular doctor’s office. The price is much lower as well.

Urgent care clinics take care of a variety of problems such as minor cuts that require stitches, abrasions that need cleaning, splints for fractures, sprained wrists and ankles, animal bites, and allergic reactions. They usually have a full array of equipment like lab and x-ray equipment. Because urgent care clinics perform occupational medicine in Cincinnati OH, they can provide work physicals, drug testing and vision screenings. They even provide corporate flu vaccinations. These clinics actually have a wide variety of vaccinations and shots including tetanus if your work injury includes rusty material piercing your skin.

Urgent care clinics take care of worker’s comp claims. If you or your employees were injured on the job, go straight to the urgent care clinic. They will see you immediately and document the accident properly for the claim paperwork. For lacerations, the faster service will mean quicker healing time with less swelling and blood loss. Because they have all the necessary equipment, you will not have to leave to go to radiology or the lab. It is all right there in their office. Eye flushing is another service they provide.

Since urgent care clinics perform occupational medicine, have shorter wait times and are so much cheaper, it is a good idea to use them for any work related injury or illness. Research on the internet and click here to find one nearest your business. Contact them prior to any accident so that you will be aware of all of their services and prices. Use them for drug and vision screening and physicals for prospective employees. You will save money by doing so. If your injury or illness is not work related, they take corporate insurance as well. They are nearly as equipped as regular hospitals and have experience dealing with urgent care cases.

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