Options In Law Enforcement Tactical Gear

It is amazing to consider all of the hours and the dollars that are spent in public relations for police departments across the country. While PR is important, and no one would deny that, the ability to be recognized as a law enforcement officer in your community is equally valuable.

After all, it is the women and men that are representing the law enforcement community on a daily basis that wear the uniforms. They are the PR, the branding and the reputation of the agency, with the uniform clearly setting them apart and distinct.

In addition, there are specialized groups within that law enforcement department. The uniforms of the officer on the beat and the SWAT team may be different, but they all include specialized types of law enforcement tactical gear. Typically uniforms may also have specialized components, but the tactical gear that is required for specialized response teams is going to be a step up.

The Style

While the standard law enforcement uniform and gear is designed to be both comfortable as well as effective, it is still more designed for creating a concise and specific appearance. Every police officer is wearing the same type of uniform, creating a consistent look that the community comes to recognize.

With law enforcement tactical gear there is more of a focus on the officers’ needs as opposed to blending in with what the street cops and others in law enforcement are wearing. These are the officers that are called in when there is a crisis. They need to have the gear and the uniform that is going to serve their unique purpose.

A simple example of the difference can be found in trousers. The uniformed officer needs a smart looking trouser that stands up to hours in and out of vehicles, walking or in dealing with more physical situations. With the law enforcement tactical gear the trousers may need to have multiple pockets to carry everything from first aid equipment to additional ammunition.

Shirts, jackets and even footwear are the same. What works effectively for use on the streets is not the same gear that is ideal in crisis situations where freedom of movement, storage and personal safety are more of a factor than for an officer on the street.

Finding the right type of tactical gear means shopping with specialty vendors catering to the law enforcement agencies. These companies offer a range of both standard and tactical gear for departments both small and large.

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