Painting Company in Columbus

The DIY approach can work well for simple painting jobs. However, large scale and complicated projects require the expertise of a professional painting contractor. It is even more important to hire a professional if your home was constructed before 1978. Homes from that era were often decorated using lead-based paint. By hiring a painting company in Columbus, you can rest assured that they will minimize potential hazards during the repainting process.

Finding a good painting company requires a systematic approach. The first step is to ask around. Neighbors, people you work with, and family members may have had a recent experience. Ask them which contractor they hired and if they were they happy with the result. If you drive around the neighborhood and see a house being painted, stop and have a brief talk with the contractor. JNG Painting & Decorating, LLC, is very active in Columbus. The chances are good that they will be on your list of referrals. Once you have your short-list of painters, ask them for a few names of previous clients. Ask these homeowners how long ago it was when they had their house painted. If it has been several years, and the paint job has held up exceptionally well. This is a good indication of the skills of the painter, as well as the quality of the materials that were used.

As important as quality is, it is not everything. The painters should be courteous, communicate well, and be mindful of your home. Ask your references what the attitude was of the painters they employed. Find out if they performed their work in a professional manner. Find out if the crew arrived on time. If they did cabinet painting, did their work meet and exceed expectations. Finding a highly-skilled, reliable painting contractor may appear at first to be difficult. The key to satisfaction is taking your time and use common sense. If you want the best results, it is always worth taking the time to find the best painting company.

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