What Types of Services Can A Patient Expect from A Family Doctor in Westmont?

A family doctor in Westmont IL can provide a variety of services to patients of all ages.

What Does Sickness Prevention Involve?

Doctors strongly recommend getting an

annual physical, for it will enable them to look for signs of a chronic illness like diabetes or high blood pressure. Such conditions are easier to treat if they are caught early. The doctor can also advise the patient on how to prevent them developing such conditions.

If the patient has already developed a chronic problem, the doctor can provide treatments to control it and keep it from getting worse. They will also advise the patient on how they can manage their condition.

What Is the Holter Heart Monitor?

The Holter Heart Monitor is a portable and battery-powered device about the size of a camera that measures and records the heart’s activity. It sends the resulting data to a computer that the doctor can then examine.

The Holter Heart Monitor is attached to several electrodes that will be placed on specific points on the patient’s body. The patient will wear the monitor for a given time and go about their usual routine. The monitor is both lightweight and painless, so it won’t interfere with the patient’s schedule.

What Is Sport Medicine?

Sport medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of chronic or acute conditions caused by exercise or athletics. It often involves pain management, and the doctor can offer a variety of treatments like nerve blocks or steroid injections.

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