Properly Maintaining Cesspools, Septic Systems and Aerobic Septic Systems in Maui

There are very good reasons to properly maintain septic systems and cesspools. Overfilled tanks will create a biological hazard for anyone near the property as well as create a particularly unpleasant aroma. Proper care involves a variety of factors.

Septic Tank or Cesspool

A septic tank and a cesspool are two separate entities. A cesspool typically acts as on overflow area for a septic tank. They are holes in the ground with concrete or brick walls where the waste-water sits and filters through into the ground. Some cesspools are used alone, which means they receive all the waste and require more frequent pumping.
A septic tank is typically an item built as a unit and then buried into the ground. They allow solid matter to remain in the tank while the processing system only releases clear water into the surrounding soil.

Many rural homes have Aerobic Septic Systems in Maui where the system is able to provide a cleaner waste product that is safe enough to be used as a fertilizer. However the systems are often smaller and need more frequent care than larger systems.


How many people reside in the home will have some bearing on how frequently a tank will need to be cleaned. Whether or not a cesspool/septic combination exists or if each is operating on their own is also another factor.

There are various formulas for calculating how long a certain amount of people will have before they fill a septic tank. The problems occur when homeowners are unaware of the size of their tank or move into a location where there is no clear idea when it was last serviced. A tank should not be left to fill entirely or overflow, because in both instance it will not be able to function as it should. This means that solids will not settle as they should. It also means you are risking a back-up into your yard, your home or both.


A pumping service should be called if you are uncertain of when the last cleaning was performed. These services will be able to pump the waste, clean the tank properly and introduce helpful bacteria which will dissolve solids more effectively.

These systems will also ensure the systems are running as they should, no leaks are present and no harmful fumes are in danger of backing up into the home.

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