Sustaining Lawn and Tree Health with Organic Lawn Care in Westport Connecticut

Organic Lawn Care in Westport Connecticut offers a different kind of attention to greenery. The operative word is organic, meaning the landscape is sustained in an earth friendly manner. Tree pruning is one of the most important practices to keep trees vital. Scraping dead wood from trees is a form of pruning. Dead wood is a feeding environment for insects and the growth of fungus. Getting rid of overcrowding branches reduces density and unbalanced weight. It also helps the branches of the tree become more resistant to breakage from storms and wind. Having trees pruned on a schedule recommended by an arborist helps maintain structural integrity.

Branches that are most beneficial to the strength of trees need sunlight. An arborist for organic lawn care in Westport Connecticut selects branches that can be eliminated to increase sunlight exposure. With selective branch reduction, all live branches that remain get ample sunlight.

Tree Roots

The roots of a tree are the avenue to which nutrients and water are distributed. Roots also keep trees secure in the ground. Changes in soil and droughts can disturb healthy roots. Overgrown tree roots can cause problems for subterranean work. Lawn care technicians can pinpoint the location of roots to see how they should be treated. Root pruning can be done to roots that have grown in awkward areas. Soil injections are good for malnourished roots. Installation of efficiently designed water systems are valuable to perpetual irrigation.

Lawn Care

Northeast Horticultural Services care for landscapes with a chemical and pesticide free treatment system. Adverse side effects outweigh the benefits when harsh chemicals and pesticides are used on lawns. Standard chemical treatment kills organisms that support a thriving environment for grass. A major facet of the horticulture maintenance system is continuing to grow the seeds for the plants. This method is particularly beneficial to grass and fighting against weed growth. Grass seed is diffused over the yard to keep it rich and resilient. Compost is another invaluable natural soil fertilizer. It’s a supplemental source for healthy organic matter. Benign insects that don’t harm crops should be left alone to help contain bad insects. Organic lawn care uses a blend of milky spores and nematodes to repel bad insects. Following these steps will have a lawn in optimal condition for the long run.


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