Protect Your Family With a Home Radon Reduction in Pittsburgh, PA

Radon Reduction in Pittsburgh PA is a sensible solution for a serious health issue that all homeowners need to be cautious about. It is important that everyone understand the causes of radon, the risk an elevated level poses to the health of anyone frequently in the home and how they can reduce those levels to make the air safe again.

What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It has no odor, is tasteless and cannot be seen. It is found in the soil and in groundwater everywhere in the country. It typically makes its way into homes through water lines and other unsealed areas within the basement. If not prevented from coming into the home or properly vented out, the level of radon in a basement can become high enough to cause serious health issues for the residents of the home.

What are the effects of Radon?

Without a professional process of Radon Reduction in Pittsburgh PA, the level in an affected home will continue to rise. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States because of the amount of homes with these elevated levels. For homeowners who also smoke, the risk is substantially higher. Studies are currently being conducted as well to see if there is a link between high radon levels and a greater frequency of leukemia.

How do you lower the risk?

The steps to proper Radon Reduction in Pittsburgh PA is to first have a home assessment performed. A radon test will allow homeowners to understand what the level is in their home. If it is determined there is a problem, a radon mitigation specialist can come in and begin properly venting the home. They can install systems which will lower the radon level and continue to keep the air safe.

There is no style of home or age of home that is immune to the risk from radon. This is why many real estate agents now consider radon testing a standard procedure during the sale of a home. Radon Reduction in Pittsburgh PA is only possible with proper testing and professional mitigation. If you are unaware of the level of radon in your home, have it tested today.

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