Protect Your Home and Propery With Quality Plumbing in Seattle, WA

Plumbing jobs in Seattle, WA, come in all sizes from simple faucet repairs to complete kitchen or bathroom renovations. Plumbers are on call twenty-four, seven for emergency repairs such as water leaks, clogged lines, failed water heaters and a variety of other problems. Of course not all of our plumbing needs are emergency related. For example, some areas have hard water which is defined as water with calcium or lime deposits in the water table. This water can build up in the plumbing and especially in the hot water tank. To keep your heated water clean you can have your plumber flush the water tank. Regular flushing will help prevent the buildup of scale deposits inside the tank that affect the quality of your tap water.

One of the more important areas of concern for Plumbing in Seattle, WA, are your home’s drain lines. Sewer lines collect a lot of waste through daily use and the larger your family the more waste that gets run through those drain pipes. When they get clogged most plumbers will break that clog with a rooter device, commonly known as a pipe snake. This tool is designed to be flexible enough to wind it’s way through your drain lines and around connecting joints. Once it hit’s the clog there is a pointed, auger type tip used to break through allowing the water to flow. The only real problem is being certain the clog is actually gone. For this problem your plumber can use a video snake. This tool is similar to the pipe snake except it has a camera attached for a real time view of your pipes.

Along with ensuring the clog is gone the plumber can determine the condition of the pipes. If they are extremely dirty they may recommend using a high pressure wash to clean them. Many companies like West Coast Plumbing, Pump and Filtration LLC use a hydro-jet system for washing the walls and joints of your sewer lines. In some cases, leaks are the toughest problems with your drain pipes. Leaking pipes can quickly ruin the surrounding soil, but by using these tools the plumber can quickly locate the problem and decide the best repair.

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