The Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before You Undergo Tooth Extractions in Effingham, IL

Tooth extractions can be a frightening experience, especially if this is your first time having the procedure done. As you talk with your dentist before the procedure, you are likely to have questions about the procedure and how it will impact your smile. Though your dentist should be forthcoming with all of the information you need to know, here are four things you should be asking about before you have any of your teeth removed:

1. Can my teeth be saved?
Before you have your tooth extracted, it’s important to find out whether the procedure is actually necessary. Saving the tooth may not be possible in all situations, but it’s always best to ask your dentist if there are any available treatments that might improve the condition of your teeth or gums so that the extraction is unnecessary.

2. What are my options for anesthesia?
Dentists and oral surgeons use two types of anesthesia during the extraction procedure. Local anesthesia numbs your mouth, while general anesthesia puts you to sleep so that you don’t feel any pain. If you anticipate being anxious during the procedure, you may want to opt for general anesthesia. However, you also need to talk to your dentist about whether it will be a viable option for you.

3. Will I need further dental treatment before or after the surgery?
If you’re in pain, your dentist will want to remove the affected tooth as soon as possible. However, you should definitely ask whether additional procedures will be required before or after the surgery in order to restore your mouth to a healthy state, as these could result in additional charges you need to be aware of.

4. What can I do to replace my lost teeth?
Don’t leave a tooth extraction consultation appointment without asking about replacing the tooth you are about to lose. Your dentist may be able to offer dental implants, which will help you preserve the bone in your jaw and prevent other problems that can occur as a result of losing teeth.

Asking the right questions is essential to making sure that you have the best possible experience. If you have questions about Tooth Extractions in Effingham, IL, consider calling The Center for Jaw and Facial Surgery, P.C. Browse their Site at to find out how you can get relief from your pain and regain your confidence as you build a better smile.

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