Reasons To Get A Professional To Install Your Solar System in Naples, FL

Installing a solar system is a DIY project. Installing solar panels requires a professional to get it right. Your solar panels in Naples, FL is a significant investment with the potential to raise your home value while reducing your carbon footprint. Most companies offering to sell solar panels provide after-sale installation services. Below are reasons why you should let professionals install them.

Access to Necessary Equipment

Specific equipment is needed when installing solar panels that may be expensive to buy or lease. Keep in mind that you may need training to handle the equipment to avoid injuries and damage to the solar panels.

It’s Safer

Installing solar panels in Naples, FL involves working on the roof, which is risky for inexperienced individuals. Hiring a professional technician with the necessary training and experience helps lower the risk of injuries during installation.

They Have Insurance

One of the main advantages of working with a professional is that they have insurance to protect them in case of injuries or damage to the solar panels. These insurance policies extend to onsite injuries to third parties who may be injured, exempting you from any liabilities.


Working with an expert gives you access to their experience and technical know-how needed to install the system fully. Aside from mounting the solar panels, they can advise you on the best usage of your system, connect your system to the grid, and offer maintenance services at discounted prices.

Working with a professional to set up your solar system is advisable, especially if you don’t have a technical background in electric installations. For more information on solar installations, contact Advance Solar & Spa at

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