What Myths Need to Be Dispelled about Offshore Medical Coding Companies?

Over the last several years, there has been a massive rise in the use of offshore medical coding companies. While it may seem that the never-ending desire to find cheaper labor was the primary spark behind this growth, the reality is far more complex when you look at the situation beyond a cursory glance.

In large part, the adoption of new coding policies, which are known as ICD-10 in the United States, resulted in a large departure of qualified medical coders from the industry, as the new system was very different from the old one, and many coders were hesitant to make the leap. Even though outside labor was needed, there is still a quiet stigma against using an offshore medical coding company because of outdated myths that are simply not based in fact. It is worth taking a few moments to further examine what these myths are, and why they are not true.

Using an Offshore Medical Coding Company is Not Secure

The belief that using an offshore medical coding company is improper because the facilities are not secure is patently false. Almost all these facilities are HIPPA compliant, and with very good reason – if they were not, word would get out about their incompetence almost immediately. This would result in a massive loss of business for that offshore medical coding company. In other words, these facilities are secure, because their very survival depends on that being the case.

Offshore Medical Coding Companies Take Advantage of Bad Situations

In many medical circles, there is a feeling that offshore medical coding companies are taking away jobs from American workers. However, as previously mentioned, there is a shortage of available medical coders due to them not wanting to learn the new system, so hiring an offshore medical coding company is often necessary.

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