Regular Maintenance Of Your Roof Will Save You Money

If you’ve built your own home, you will know how expensive a roof can be. Nonetheless, it is an essential part of keeping your home watertight and resistant to weather. In addition, a really attractive roof adds curb appeal to your home and can greatly enhance its value. There are few things that detract from a home more than gutters and barge boards that are peeling, and the generally unkempt appearance of a neglected roof. Not only will this make your home less attractive and less saleable, it will also probably mean that you will be experiencing problems with leaking or drafts that will be forming because of a poorly maintained roof. This is when you seriously need to consider roof repairs for your Wheaton home.

What a roofing contractor will do for you

If your roof hasn’t been inspected for years, you should immediately call in an expert to do a thorough inspection. Climbing a ladder and having a look at your roof will help you see if there are surface problems such as cracked tiles, but it won’t tell you about the structure of the roof, and this is where you need an expert to advise you. On a regular basis you can clean out your own eaves and gutters, but you need a proper examination to see whether the trusses and joints of the roof are in good order. Something else to bear in mind is that timely repairs are always more cost effective than allowing a problem to worsen over time.

Having roof repairs conducted in Wheaton

Chances are if you need roof repairs that you have a waterproofing problem. All roofs have a membrane and this is your barrier against water entering your home. In many cases when a leak develops, it’s because the membrane has failed. This isn’t very surprising as the membrane has a limited lifespan. It’s exposed to UV rays and extremes of temperature and can develop blisters, and then start to crack. If the membrane is in good order, the roofer will also look for any other areas where leaks might have occurred and will repair these, along with replacing any broken or displaced tiles. Thereafter, your fascia and barge boards will be inspected, as well as the trusses and soffits. If any of these show signs of rot, they will need to be replaced. Contact us today at our website Showalter Roofing Services, Inc. for more information.

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